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SetDef is a generic interface defining sets of Elem.T's, implemented via hash tables.

WHERE ElemSet = Set(Elem), and Elem.T is a type that is not an open array type and Elem contains

      PROCEDURE Equal(e1, e2: Elem.T): BOOLEAN;
      PROCEDURE Hash(k: Key.T): Word.T;
Equal must be an equivalence relation and Hash must respect that equivalence relation, i.e., if Equal(k1, k2), then Hash(k1)=Hash(k2).

Hash and Equal may be declared with a parameter mode of either VALUE or READONLY, but not VAR.

  Public = ElemSet.T OBJECT METHODS
    init(sizeHint: CARDINAL := 0): T
  T <: Public;
  Iterator <: ElemSet.Iterator;
The expression

creates a new, empty set. The argument sz is a hint; the set may be more efficient if sz accurately predicts the maximum number of elements it will ever contain.

END SetDef.