/* Copyright (C) 1990, Digital Equipment Corporation.         */
/* All rights reserved.                                       */
/* See the file COPYRIGHT for a full description.             */

#include "m3core.h"


/* This is an idealized version of hostent where
the types are the same across platforms. We copy
the native struct to this form to smooth out platform
differences. We  also sort by size to avoid padding
for alignment, and then by name.

"h_" prefix is omitted from the names in case they are macros. */

struct _m3_hostent_t
    char** addr_list;
    char** aliases;
    const char* name;
    int addrtype; /* varies between int16_t and int32_t */
    int length;   /* varies between int16_t and int32_t */

static m3_hostent_t* native_to_m3(const struct hostent* native, m3_hostent_t* m3)
    if (native == NULL)
        m3 = NULL;
      m3->name = native->h_name;
      m3->aliases = native->h_aliases;
      m3->addrtype = native->h_addrtype;
      m3->length = native->h_length;
      m3->addr_list = native->h_addr_list;
    return m3;

M3_DLL_EXPORT m3_hostent_t* __cdecl
Unetdb__gethostbyname(const char* name, m3_hostent_t* m3)
    return native_to_m3(gethostbyname(name), m3);

M3_DLL_EXPORT m3_hostent_t* __cdecl
Unetdb__gethostbyaddr(const char* addr, int len, int type, m3_hostent_t* m3)
    return native_to_m3(gethostbyaddr(addr, len, type), m3);