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RTTypeSRC provides SRC Modula-3 extensions to RTType and RTTypeFP.



= TypecodeName (TYPECODE (ref))

PROCEDURE TypecodeName (tc: RT0.Typecode): TEXT;
Returns a text describing the ref whose typecode = tc. Its heuristic is to consider, in order, named typecells, brands, arrays, object-subtypes, objects, and procedures. If all else fails, it returns <?>.

PROCEDURE FindType (id: INTEGER): RT0.TypeDefn;
Returns the type descriptor with UID id. If no such type exists, returns NIL.
------------------------------------------------------------------ setup --

PROCEDURE AddTypecell (tc: RT0.TypeDefn;  m: RT0.ModulePtr);
add tc to the list of registered typecells

PROCEDURE NoteFullRevelation (r: RT0.RevPtr;  m: RT0.ModulePtr);
Declare the opaque-concrete type binding in r.

PROCEDURE ResolveTypeLink (uid: INTEGER;  t: RT0.TypeLinkPtr;  m: RT0.ModulePtr);
Fixes t to refer to the type corresponding to uid. It is a checked runtime error if the type is not known.

PROCEDURE FinishObjectTypes ();
Finish initializing any OBJECT typecells. It is a checked runtime error if any of the object typecells refers to an unknown supertype.

PROCEDURE VerifyPartialRevelation (r: RT0.RevPtr;  m: RT0.ModulePtr);
Verify that revelation r from module m is consistent with the rest of the registered types.