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RTProcedure provides runtime access to the fingerprints of procedures.

A procedure's fingerprint is a 64-bit checksum computed from its name and signature. The probability of distinct procedures having the same fingerprint is very small. See the Fingerprint interface for more details.


IMPORT Fingerprint;

Representing a procedure by its address seems to be the best Modula-3 approximation we can give for the supertype of all procedure types.

PROCEDURE ToFingerprint(p: Proc): Fingerprint.T;
Return the fingerprint of the top-level procedure p. It is a checked runtime error if p is not a top-level procedure.

PROCEDURE FromFingerprint(READONLY fp: Fingerprint.T): Proc;
Return the address of the top-level procedure with fingerprint fp. If no such procedure exists, returns NIL.

END RTProcedure.