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This interface controls the collection of per-call-site allocation statistics. This interface is only useful on platforms with a stack walker (ie. DS3100 & ALPHA_OSF), on all other platforms these routines are no-ops.

NOTE: The implementation of this interface uses the spare fields of REF headers.


VAR siteDepth := 3;
The number of procedure frames included in a site.

PROCEDURE EnableTrace (tc: Typecode);
Begin recording allocation statistics for type tc. It is a checked runtime error to pass an improper typecode or one that corresponds to an untraced type.

PROCEDURE NSites (tc: Typecode): INTEGER;
Returns the number of sites recorded for type tc. If sites are not being recorded for tc, returns -1.

PROCEDURE GetSiteText (tc: Typecode; site, depth: CARDINAL): TEXT;
If sites are being traced for type tc, site is a valid tag for the type, and depth is less than the siteDepth when the site was captured, return a description of the procedure frame corresponding to the captured PC. Otherwise, return NIL.

END RTAllocStats.