FloatExtras.ig Some useful routines for floating-point David Goldberg, Xerox PARC November, 1993

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IMPORT FloatMode;

TYPE T = Real.T;

* Contains miscellaneous functions useful for Float arithmetic

  (* represents (bits[0] . bits[1] bits[2] ...) * 2^exp *)
  Binary = RECORD
             exp : INTEGER;
             bits: REF ARRAY OF [0..1];

PROCEDURE ToBinary (x: T): Binary RAISES {FloatMode.Trap};

* The following procedures raise an IEEE exception, and return the * value prescribed by the standard. Whether or not they raise a * Modula-3 exception depends on FloatMode.GetBehavior()

returns NaN

PROCEDURE RaiseInvalid (): T RAISES {FloatMode.Trap};
returns inf
PROCEDURE RaiseDivByZero (sign: [-1 .. 1] := 1): T RAISES {FloatMode.Trap};

* Overflow trap handlers can correct for large overflows. Call * RaiseLargeOverflow when the result is so large that the exponent * has wrapped around more than once. When overflow handlers are enabled * this routine will call the handler with a NaN instead of the wrapped result

PROCEDURE RaiseLargeOverflow (sign: [-1 .. 1] := 1): T
  RAISES {FloatMode.Trap};

PROCEDURE RaiseLargeUnderflow (sign: [-1 .. 1] := 1): T
  RAISES {FloatMode.Trap};

rounds according to the current rounding mode

PROCEDURE SetFlag (f: FloatMode.Flag) RAISES {FloatMode.Failure};
Set a flag. Potentially more efficient than SetFlags(GetFlags() + SET OF Flag{f})

PROCEDURE SetBehaviors (f: SET OF FloatMode.Flag; b: FloatMode.Behavior)
  RAISES {FloatMode.Failure};
set behavior for a set of flags

END FloatExtras.

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