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Where Elem.T is a type that is not an open array type and Elem contains

      PROCEDURE Compare(a, b: Elem.T): [-1 .. 1];
Compare must define a total order. Any parameter mode may be used.

PROCEDURE Sort(VAR a: ARRAY OF Elem.T; cmp := Elem.Compare);
Sort the elements of a using the order defined by cmp.

END ArraySort.
Sort(a, cmp) permutes the elements of a such that:

      FIRST(a) <= i < j <= LAST(a)

      cmp(a[i], a[j]) <= 0.
The algorithm used is QuickSort: \begin{itemize} \item It is not stable. \item On average, it requires O(N ln N) comparison and assignment operations. In the worst case it may require O(N*N) operations. \end{itemize}

For an expanded description of QuickSort, see \cite{Sedgewick:Alg}.