% Copyright (C) 1992, Digital Equipment Corporation
% All rights reserved.
% See the file COPYRIGHT for a full description.
% Last modified on Fri Sep 16 19:19:07 PDT 1994 by heydon
%      modified on Fri Aug 27 08:18:15 PDT 1993 by kalsow

% Quake function to instantiate a generic priority queue named "nmPQ"
% with priorities of type "elt.T".

readonly proc _build_pqueue(nm, elt, vis) is
  local pq  = nm & "PQ"
  local rep = pq & "Rep"
  build_generic_intf (pq,  "PQueue",    [elt],         vis)
  build_generic_intf (rep, "PQueueRep", [pq],          vis)
  build_generic_impl (pq,  "PQueue",    [elt, pq, rep])

readonly proc pqueue (nm, elt) is
  _build_pqueue(nm, elt, HIDDEN)

readonly proc Pqueue (nm, elt) is
  _build_pqueue(nm, elt, VISIBLE)