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 All rights reserved.                                                      
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IMPORT File, OSError, Pipe, Ustat;
In this interface we reveal that all Unix File.Ts have a file descriptor field, fd.

TYPE T = File.Public OBJECT
    fd: INTEGER;
    ds: DirectionSet

REVEAL File.T <: T;

  Direction = {Read, Write};
  DirectionSet = SET OF Direction;

  Read = DirectionSet{Direction.Read};
  Write = DirectionSet{Direction.Write};
  ReadWrite = DirectionSet{Direction.Read, Direction.Write};

PROCEDURE New(fd: INTEGER; ds: DirectionSet): File.T RAISES {OSError.E};
Create the appropriate subtype of File.T, based on the characteristics of the opened file descriptor fd and directions ds.

PROCEDURE NewPipe(fd: INTEGER; ds: DirectionSet): Pipe.T;
Create a Pipe.T based on fd and ds. It is an unchecked (but safe) error if fd is not S_IFIFO or S_IFSOCK.

PROCEDURE FileTypeFromStatbuf(READONLY statbuf: Ustat.struct_stat)
  : File.Type;
Return the File.Type corresponding mostly closely to Word.And(statbuf.st_mode, Ustat.S_IFMT).

END FilePosix.