CM3 5.4.x Release Status

This page summarises the current status of the cm3 5.4 release branch.

CM3 5.4.0 has been released. You can get it from the download page.
This page may still be used to track further development on the 5.4 release branch, if necessary.

Getting source code from the 5.4 release branch

You can check out the source code for this release from the release branch via anonymous CVS.

    cvs -d login
    [The password is empty, just hit return.]
    cvs -z3 -d checkout -r release_branch_cm3_5_4 -P cm3

The tag for the CM3 5.4.0 release is release_CM3_5_4_0

There are source code archives for the 5.4.0 release available from the download page.

Mandatory Targets

Target Status Comment
FreeBSD4 :-) Even mentor runs fine. Only tested FreeBSD 6.1.
LINUXLIBC6 :-) A workaround for segmentation faults on Fedora Core 5 has been found. See here for details. Test archive built on Debian Sarge.
SOLgnu :-) Segmentation faults in RTThread described here have been fixed in this commit.
PPC_DARWIN :-) Now fine.

Optional Targets

Target Status Comment
NT386 -- Dropped from 5.4 release. Work is being done on the HEAD branch by Jay Krell to get things working on Windows again. Will likely be included in 5.5.
PPC_LINUX -- Dropped from 5.4 release because it does not currently compile.
NetBSD2_i386 :-) Tested on NetBSD 3.0.1. You may have to add the line
to the file /etc/ for the compile to succeed.


Feature Status Comment
M3GC based on gcc-3.4.5 :-) Initial segmentation violation problems fixed by Olaf Wagner in this commit.
Backend based on gcc-3.4.5 was made default by Olaf Wagner in this commit.
New garbage collection support turned on by default. :-) New "generational/incremental" garbage collection made default by Anthony Hosking in this commit.
Obsolete "enhanced" garbage collection removed from binary distributions by Olaf Wagner in this commit.
System call wrappers are now unused but we will not bother removing them from CVS yet.
Current plotting package. :-) Removed from standard packages again in this commit since it requires plplot to be installed. Source code will still be shipped with release for people who want to use plplot.
Current math package. :-) Added to standard packages in this commit.
Dynamic linking by default on Linux which rarely ship with static libs these days. :-) Done in this commit.
Documentation about how to configure linking for Modula3 programs. :-) Initial version comitted.
M3IDE (Reaktor) ?? Status unknown - Randy Coleburn said he was going to begin working on this.
m3gdb :-) New m3gdb (version 6.4.3) by Rodney M. Bates imported into CVS. Compiles and works fine on every working target except PPC_DARWIN. PPC_DARWIN will not feature m3gdb for this release.


Item Status Comment
Update installation notes. :-) Done.
Check documentation for more things that need to be updated. :-) Done.
Test installation on all platforms. :-) Done.
Write release announcement. :-( Not done yet.